Here and There…

Here and There…

Here and there
And never too far away,
I saw the oceans, the mountains and the
Waterfalls in between
With more to see and still more to dream,
Life started with Friday Night Lights
And line drives up the middle,
Songs about life
And love was just a riddle,
Traded balls for books
Heroes and crooks
And a sheet of paper,
Innocence was lost and love was found
Love was lost,
But now, will always be around
In the eyes of my children,
The alarm clock rings, the birds sing
The wheels go round and round,
The sun sets, the moon shines
A billion points of light find their way home,
Journeys are not measured
At the speed of light
But in the company they share,
Never too far away
Here and there…


Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Piano Player

Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player

I would think by now
We would have retired the gun,
Not a few, not some
But all of them,

Since the beginning of time
We have been working on better
Ways to kill each other,
As there is no heaven on earth,
Decision makers
Pulling triggers
Reaching out and touching someone,

If you are small
You can be big,
If you are afraid
You can be brave,
If you are cold
You can be cold blooded,
If you have been wronged
You can be vengeful,
And if you are careless
You will be… regretful,

The list goes on and on and on,

I would think by now
We would have retired the gun
I know now, it’s not so,
Smith and Wesson
Always make the
Late show…


November Gave Back…


November Gave Back…

November gave back a couple of days,
I put one in my back pocket
For safe keeping,

On this day
You could find me at the lake,
On the beach and then on the rocks
Near the tracks and on the bluffs,
Next to the green pines as they reached for the sky
Better than most but never quite enough, no worries as
The sunshine bridged the gap,

I always hate to leave this place as
December winds will keep me inside,
I will find my way back, just as the geese do
With a spring in my step, back up the mountain side,
Tomorrow may find me looking for my hat and gloves
And buying salt for the driveway,
But those are not my concerns
At least not for today,

One late fall day is not to be wasted
As one lazy summer day might meet such a fate,
I can’t say fresh snow on green pine trees is not beautiful
But I rather it wait,

November gave back a couple of days…



Turn, Turn, Turn…

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Turn, Turn, Turn…

I can turn,

Like a flower in the spring
Like a leaf in the fall,
Like a diamond on a ring
Until I have seen them all,

I can turn,

Like a bend in the river
Like a trail in the woods,
Like lead into silver
If I only could,

I can turn,

Away from the wind and the rain
Away from the sorrow and the pain
The forever tears,
That may stain
My face
If I let them,

I can turn,

To the breeze and to the sun
To the joy and to the fun
The forever tears,
That may stain
My face
If I let them,

I can turn…


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Run Run Away

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Run Run Away

Summer asked me to come
Out and play,
I politely declined
As I was too busy anyway,

“Planes to catch and bills to pay”
I borrowed that; I will give it back someday,
Someday always asks when?
I never have the answer,

Summer says she will wait a little longer,

I ran away last night
But did not get far,
Hitched my fate
On a shooting star
And fell home,

Summer said good night
With a whisper
On the breeze…


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Waterfall Part Three

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Waterfall:Part Three

A waterfall doesn’t care
If I’m there or not,
Wouldn’t even notice if
It’s cool or if it’s hot,
But the thunderous spray on a
June’s last summer day
Will not soon be,



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Birch Trees


Birch Trees…

Most days are the same
minutes rush to hours
playing a fool’s game,
The phone rings, the email sings,
the people come and go,
I reckon so,

Some moments stay
finding their way
into my soul,
Birch trees frosted
with yellow leaves
lined up in a row,
I reckon so,

Sunshine on my shoulder
and rock river boulders
covered with a fresh snow,
I reckon so,

Time is not going to let me get out of here alive,
Waiting to strike me down at any time,
I’m taking birch trees frosted with yellow leaves
With me when I go,

I reckon so…