Against the Wind…


Against The Wind…

I will let the wind blow
Where the wind intends to go
There is no stopping the wind anyway,

I may change my direction
Or alter my course,
Maps folded neatly in
my back pocket,

The road fades as the horizon draws near,
Everyone is gone
I’m still here,

Silence finds its way into my soul,
As the blood pumps through my veins,
Everyone is gone
Only we

The wind and I…






Did someone smile at you today? Did you smile back?
Did someone say…you look nice today?
Did you find treasure on the discount rack?
Did you notice the sunset?
Or the stars above?
Did you see the crescent moon?
Did you taste love?
Did someone share a song with you today?
Did you sing along?
Did you run with the wind today before it was gone?
Did you talk with the heavens above?
Did someone write you a poem today?
Did you taste love?

I just did
And now I have…




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When the time comes
and some day it will,
open the window a little
and leave a flower on the window sill,

The wind may sing a little softer on that day
and a small rain may fall,
the clouds will only be temporary
if there are any clouds at all,

And then there will be blue,

Blue will be remembered in a mountain lake
blue will be remembered in endless summer skies,
but blue will be remembered most fondly
in her dancing blue eyes,
for it would be there I would
choose to live forever,

When the time comes
and some day it will,
open the window a little
and leave a flower
on the window sill…


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Brave New World


Brave New World

The brave are rewarded
as the fear runs from our souls,
as the night finds the dawn
and the joy returns,
Our walls will come down
brick by brick, stone by stone,
until they are all gone, the last to fall
is my own,
As a life without fences
is the best way to run,
as we run to the new day
knowing love is just a kiss away,
The night is not our enemy
as the stars will help us celebrate
our brave new world,
as the night finds the dawn
as the joy


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Take Me To The Pilot

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Take Me To The Pilot

Small steps led to bigger ones
As my sandbox world grew,
One city block at a time
As everything was new,

The highs were higher and lows were lower
And I would wait forever it seemed
To hear my favorite song on the radio,
And girls,

Girls were always a mystery and sometimes still are,
Until I kissed one and she kissed me back,
And everything just seem to
Fly after that,

My teammates and I
We left it all on the playing fields,
From a hundred yards in the mud,
To small gymnasiums that smelled like popcorn
To the most beautiful diamonds I have ever seen,
With 90 foot base paths and steel back screens
Those were my guys, they always had my back
And everything just seem to
Fly after that,

I traded balls for books as
The world wanted more,
There were exams to take and thoughts to think
There were girls to kiss and beers to drink,
Youth smiled and I smiled back,
And everything just seem to
Fly after that,

The babies came next
And started their own sandbox worlds,
As the training wheels came off
Down the block they went,
Standing in the driveway, waiting for them to come back
And everything just seem to
Fly after that,

Now…some dreams died in the middle of a cold night,
While others made it to the dawn’s first light,
I can only smile and drink in a blue sky,
As I know the sunshine always has my back,
Because everything just seems to
Fly after that…


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Global Warming

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Global Warming

We are only strangers, lost here in cyberspace
Lewis and Clark, adventurers in search of a friendly face,
I would trade a smile for one of yours, a kiss for a silent hello,
As the snow continues to fall, As the wind continues to blow,

As January will have it no other way,

I believe your eyes could warm the earth
Like they warmed my lost soul,
As I need not worry about forecasts or wind chills
As I would just sit and watch the flowers grow,
And as they grew one by one and filled A mountain meadow,
My heart would be full as it danced
In your smile’s shadow,

As Dreaming will have it no other way…


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