Run Run Away

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Run Run Away

Summer asked me to come
Out and play,
I politely declined
As I was too busy anyway,

“Planes to catch and bills to pay”
I borrowed that; I will give it back someday,
Someday always asks when?
I never have the answer,

Summer says she will wait a little longer,

I ran away last night
But did not get far,
Hitched my fate
On a shooting star
And fell home,

Summer said good night
With a whisper
On the breeze…


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Waterfall Part Three

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Waterfall:Part Three

A waterfall doesn’t care
If I’m there or not,
Wouldn’t even notice if
It’s cool or if it’s hot,
But the thunderous spray on a
June’s last summer day
Will not soon be,



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Birch Trees


Birch Trees…

Most days are the same
minutes rush to hours
playing a fool’s game,
The phone rings, the email sings,
the people come and go,
I reckon so,

Some moments stay
finding their way
into my soul,
Birch trees frosted
with yellow leaves
lined up in a row,
I reckon so,

Sunshine on my shoulder
and rock river boulders
covered with a fresh snow,
I reckon so,

Time is not going to let me get out of here alive,
Waiting to strike me down at any time,
I’m taking birch trees frosted with yellow leaves
With me when I go,

I reckon so…



Summer Can’t Wait

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Summer Can’t Wait

The strawberries have all been picked
Some made into jam and others went into the freezer,
Enjoyed over ice cream and short cake,
But summer, summer can’t wait,

The fireworks lit up the evening sky,
For one night only,
Little kids waved sparkers
As the flag came by,
Later the sun sat beautifully by the lake
But summer, summer can’t wait,

Little leaguers won championships under the lights
And Derek Jeter played in his last All Star game,
Concerts were being held on the square, just up from State
But summer, summer can’t wait,

Seasons come and seasons go,
Some a little too fast
Can you make them go slow?
Enjoy every moment, before it’s too late
Because summer… summer can’t wait…


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Against the Wind…


Against The Wind…

I will let the wind blow
Where the wind intends to go
There is no stopping the wind anyway,

I may change my direction
Or alter my course,
Maps folded neatly in
my back pocket,

The road fades as the horizon draws near,
Everyone is gone
I’m still here,

Silence finds its way into my soul,
As the blood pumps through my veins,
Everyone is gone
Only we

The wind and I…






Did someone smile at you today? Did you smile back?
Did someone say…you look nice today?
Did you find treasure on the discount rack?
Did you notice the sunset?
Or the stars above?
Did you see the crescent moon?
Did you taste love?
Did someone share a song with you today?
Did you sing along?
Did you run with the wind today before it was gone?
Did you talk with the heavens above?
Did someone write you a poem today?
Did you taste love?

I just did
And now I have…




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When the time comes
and some day it will,
open the window a little
and leave a flower on the window sill,

The wind may sing a little softer on that day
and a small rain may fall,
the clouds will only be temporary
if there are any clouds at all,

And then there will be blue,

Blue will be remembered in a mountain lake
blue will be remembered in endless summer skies,
but blue will be remembered most fondly
in her dancing blue eyes,
for it would be there I would
choose to live forever,

When the time comes
and some day it will,
open the window a little
and leave a flower
on the window sill…


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