A Second Poem For The Road


A Second Poem for the Road

This is where I begin
I open the door and strap myself in,
Turn the key to start her juices flowing
Check the gauges, I must be going,

I say a little prayer. (that’s a secret)

Once in motion, rock n’ roll becomes my friend
From these country roads to my journey’s end,
As I switch from station to station,
On this road I have traveled many times before,
Early on came Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

Not tonight, I said my prayer,

More adventure,
A white Beretta Gt has got my attention
For the Gt is right beside me and will not pass
Speeds are increasing and I’m steadily on the gas,
But my lane is closing fast,
For up ahead is eighteen wheels hauling steel
A moment of decision is here
I’m lucky as the truck steers clear, and the lane opens up
I hit the pedal and weave in front
To disappear,

This road game I did not ask to play
It happen anyway,

More miles, more songs
I must stop for fuel; no records will be broken tonight,
Hit the toll way and toss coins in the box as the highway sounds
Rush to find me,

A flashback finds my memory
Some summers ago, it’s a car in the medium
Its insides engulfed in flames, now dying
Its frame as if a skeleton, now screaming
Its eyes, now crying
I froze in horror,

Not tonight, I say a little prayer,

Back to the story,
On the Tri-state, I roll along, singing a song
Here is the closest I will ever get to Indy,
In the third lane, up against the wall
I lean into the turn and give it all
I can almost taste the milk as I past the giant Coke sign,

Switching stations:
“In sports today, Da Bulls, Da Champs!! “
394 South,
My exit ramp…

June 15th, 1992


Dream Weaver

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Dream Weaver

The more I look, the more I see
the more I dream, the clearer it becomes to me
how my life should and needs to be,

Dreams are only reminders of what could have been,
Old information being processed
over and over again in our minds,

I hear the wind blow in the trees
I know these thoughts are mine
and no matter what I do
I cannot stop time,

So many faces have come and gone
few stayed long enough to be called friends,
or was it I who left too soon?

I will build a fire so you may stay warm
as the night is often a cold place,

I don’t think about the end and what comes next
as this time is all I have to give,
I have kept too much to myself.
not by design or matter of course,
wasted with little remorse,

I don’t remember the last time a stranger smiled at me
or who said what or what was said
there is no memory of such an event,
I don’t think I will come here again
for this moment has nothing for me,

Tomorrow may offer sunshine, or it may offer rain
A stranger may smile at me from far far away,
My door is open and I will keep a fire burning
while you are away…


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Morning Sky

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Morning Sky

I asked myself
how many colors are there
in the morning sky ?
far too many for me to count,
And then I wondered how
a silver crescent moon can look so perfect
And why does that one star always
keep the moon company?
Is the moon lonely?
Why is the night blue the most beautiful blue I have ever known
as I have known lots of blues,
And then I thought how does the
sun paint a salmon canvas
before it even arrives ?
Some questions don’t really need answers,
they just need to be experienced
and to be loved…


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August will sing her song
and the sun and the wind
will come along,
some rain will

I will rescue my shades
from the dash and leave the windows
cracked just a bit,
lace up my hiking boots
and head for the lake,
some leaves will

On the west side
the sun and I will sit and set
as the shadows slowly take the east bluffs,
some stars will

I will love August like my own
as I do the rain and the leaves and the stars,
September never waits or hesitates
For soon it will be



I Would


I Would

If I could hold you
I would,
But like the wind
You slip through my hands,
If I could turn back the clock
I would,
But like a hour glass
I can’t stop the sands,
If I could keep you warm
I would,
And like the song, give
You shelter from the storm,
If I could find the peace you need
I would,
I would search all the earth and ask
The heavens above,
But all I have are words
All I have is
I would give to you all I have
I would…



The Fourth of July

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The Fourth of July

Did you see the fireworks?
No…? Neither did I…
But lots of lights and colors
Filled the evening

I sometimes wonder if I will ever see them again,

The purple and gold ones
Were my favorite, cascading in the shape of an umbrella,
It seems like a long time ago now,
I should really know how
To let it all go
I reckon so,

Like smoke from a candle
Like morning fog on the first tee,
To neon lights at bar time,
To empty windows that stare
Back at me,

Let it all go,

Still it’s the whispers in the dark
I will miss the most,
Gone quietly from here
As if they were ghosts,

Still somewhere there are fireworks
That lights the evening sky,
Lovers somewhere are entangled
in passion filled sighs,

Whispers do not hold their desires
As ghosts do not haunt their souls
A freedom worth fighting for,

The fireworks may come again
Purple and golds cascading in the mid summer’s
evening sky…


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The Merrimac Ferry

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The Merrimac Ferry

Time is on my side
Or at least it is today,
So that’s why I’m here
While I try to find my way,

I have a country song on my mind,
As I shut the engine down,
The ice cream shop is to my left
Here on the edge of town,

The ferry has a name
But right now I don’t remember,
And they will put her to bed
When the snow flies in early November,

Those are not my concerns today
Not here in early summer,
I sometimes think summer is like the ferry
They both come and go,
And in between we wait,

Here she comes now, steady as she goes
Like a draw bridge the gates come open,
Where once they were closed,
I start the engine and wait my turn,

“ Cause you and Tequila make me crazy
Run like poison in my blood
One more night could kill me, baby
One is one too many, one more is never enough” kc

Some days I just wish the ride
Was a little longer…


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