Somewhere On A Train

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Somewhere On A Train…

As the night-time falls
The windows go dark,
Lights on the horizon
Are destinations for someone,
Dreaming comes easy
If your pillow is soft enough
And your heart knows love,
Steel wheels never stray
From steel rails
Moving to the
New day,
From sea to shining sea
Amarillo by morning,
Amarillo’s where I’ll be…


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Bridges Part Two

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Bridges Part Two

I find them
Creeks and canyons,
Brooklyn to San Francisco to
St Louis in the middle,

I have built them
One pillar at a time, one plank at a time
And one dream at a time,

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Some I crossed only once
Some fell directly behind me,
Some burned too brightly
Into the night,
Not saved by the rain,
Not surviving the pain,

Bridges are built on trust
Suspended by faith,
And reinforced with love…


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Stairway To Heaven

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Stairway To Heaven

I called her Sister Golden Hair
Because of her blond hair of course
And to me it always fit,
Never wondering if she colored it,

She was a stranger with a pretty face
A lost soul I found in the night,
Searching for wisdom and
A beacon of light
To guide her,

She gave me her name
Or maybe just one she liked the most,
No numbers on a matchbook
She may have been an angel
She may have been a ghost,

Words were all we shared
Not maples or willows
Not stars or shadows
Not sheets or pillows
Just words in the night,

Watching the inbox
Looking for my lost soul,
Thinking, when all is one and one is all
To be a rock and
Not to roll…


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Song Sung Blue


Song Sung Blue

I might give you
“In the Heart of Night”
Because I trust in your love,
Would you know what to do with it?
Maybe put it in your back pocket
For safe keeping,

And later I might drop
“Last Train to London”
On your soul,
Would that be alright?
Because I really want to be with you,

And if I gave you
“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”
Would you understand nothing’s worrying me
When something was ?

And if you found
“One of These Nights” on the nightstand
Would you run away or lay down beside me ?

And if “Baby Blue” was the only color in my eyes
Would you know I had been missing you more
Than life itself ?

And if “The Long and Winding Road” took me far far away
Would you still lead back me to your door?

If your answer was yes, please know you will always be
“Gentle On My Mind”…



Never Been To Spain

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Never Been to Spain…

I think California would be nice
A place high up in the mountains,
Come down to the coast
for ocean breezes and tea,

Spain would be spectacular
And Italy too,
On the Mediterranean
On seas of endless blue,

Tell me, my friend
do you have any dreams,
left in your bag?

October is never kind
For those short on time,
And Spain would be just as cold
If you were not there to hold,

Winter nights get long
when dreams are in short supply,
January lasts forever
under gray skies,

In Oklahoma
Not Arizona,
What does it matter…what does it matter?


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A Second Poem For The Road


A Second Poem for the Road

This is where I begin
I open the door and strap myself in,
Turn the key to start her juices flowing
Check the gauges, I must be going,

I say a little prayer. (that’s a secret)

Once in motion, rock n’ roll becomes my friend
From these country roads to my journey’s end,
As I switch from station to station,
On this road I have traveled many times before,
Early on came Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

Not tonight, I said my prayer,

More adventure,
A white Beretta Gt has got my attention
For the Gt is right beside me and will not pass
Speeds are increasing and I’m steadily on the gas,
But my lane is closing fast,
For up ahead is eighteen wheels hauling steel
A moment of decision is here
I’m lucky as the truck steers clear, and the lane opens up
I hit the pedal and weave in front
To disappear,

This road game I did not ask to play
It happen anyway,

More miles, more songs
I must stop for fuel; no records will be broken tonight,
Hit the toll way and toss coins in the box as the highway sounds
Rush to find me,

A flashback finds my memory
Some summers ago, it’s a car in the medium
Its insides engulfed in flames, now dying
Its frame as if a skeleton, now screaming
Its eyes, now crying
I froze in horror,

Not tonight, I say a little prayer,

Back to the story,
On the Tri-state, I roll along, singing a song
Here is the closest I will ever get to Indy,
In the third lane, up against the wall
I lean into the turn and give it all
I can almost taste the milk as I past the giant Coke sign,

Switching stations:
“In sports today, Da Bulls, Da Champs!! “
394 South,
My exit ramp…

June 15th, 1992


Dream Weaver

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Dream Weaver

The more I look, the more I see
the more I dream, the clearer it becomes to me
how my life should and needs to be,

Dreams are only reminders of what could have been,
Old information being processed
over and over again in our minds,

I hear the wind blow in the trees
I know these thoughts are mine
and no matter what I do
I cannot stop time,

So many faces have come and gone
few stayed long enough to be called friends,
or was it I who left too soon?

I will build a fire so you may stay warm
as the night is often a cold place,

I don’t think about the end and what comes next
as this time is all I have to give,
I have kept too much to myself.
not by design or matter of course,
wasted with little remorse,

I don’t remember the last time a stranger smiled at me
or who said what or what was said
there is no memory of such an event,
I don’t think I will come here again
for this moment has nothing for me,

Tomorrow may offer sunshine, or it may offer rain
A stranger may smile at me from far far away,
My door is open and I will keep a fire burning
while you are away…


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